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IDOE Releases School Letter Grades


Congratulations to our MV Schools on the recently published school letter grades. Thank you to our students, parents, staff, and community for expecting excellence!


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High School Boys Soccer Coach & High School Girls Basketball Coach


MSD of Mt. Vernon is seeking candidates for the High School Boys Soccer Coach & High School Girls Basketball Coach. 

Click here for more information - High School Boys Soccer Coach
Click here for more information - High School Girls Basketball Coach

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Head Varsity Football Coach

MSD of Mt. Vernon is seeking candidates for the Head Varsity Football Coach. 

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Innovation and Digital Learning


Student creativity and inquiry are a focus of the MSD of Mount Vernon.  We pride ourselves on promoting student engagement with the ever changing world around them.  The district has taken several steps over the years to create a learning environment that fosters innovation and embraces digital learning.

WSI has generously invested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) labs, known as Maker’s Space throughout the district.  Our elementary students are provided opportunities to creatively work through challenging problems and develop solutions using STEM kits throughout the year.  This year we expanded opportunities to compete in robotics competitions and we plan to grow our robotics program further in the years to come.

The high school recently added an Innovation and Open Source Learning class that focuses on student driven solutions for community and world problems.  Currently, our students are working on several projects for the course which include; a city beautification project, the creation of prosthetic limbs, podcasts that focus on current topics, a children’s book, and the use of denim for insulation in habitat homes.  Our students’ creativity and engagement never cease to amaze me.

Next year we plan to expand our Project Lead the Way curriculum to include the junior high and high schools.  We will focus on coding and engineering, creating opportunities for students to get a head start in careers with growing demand.  The MSD of Mount Vernon is dedicated to providing resources to our students that promote innovation.

On February 27, 2020 our district will participate in Digital Learning Day, drawing attention to the digital learning that happens daily in the classroom.  School will be in session.  I invite you to check out our social media feeds that day to see some of the innovative tools teachers use to help our students learn and grow!  

Dr. Matt Thompson

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Polar Plunge

Please consider donating for Polar Plunge! All proceeds benefit Special Olympics!
#MVPROUD #WeAreMV #specialolympics


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Our Community Partnerships


As we stand on the threshold of a new decade, we at MV schools are fortunate enough to do so as a part of a community. Our community of local businesses, family farmers, and area government officials stand with us and are poised to invest in our students moving forward, just as they have in the past.

For years, our local businesses have provided opportunities for MSDMV students to take the knowledge they gain in the classroom and apply it in the field. These companies work hand in hand with our business department to provide students with internships and field experience. These experiences not only allow students the opportunity to experience their future career, but to experience it locally, greatly increasing the chances that our graduates will stay in our community. Last school year (2018-19), and the 1st semester of this year (2019-20), students involved in the Career Intern program at MVHS, interned at these Mt. Vernon businesses and companies: Tanner Engineering, RPI, Posey Co. Prosecutor's Office, Pacific Coast Details, Grow Marketing Solutions, Posey County Economic Development Corporation, Hovey Lake Fish & Wildlife Conservation, Studio B, Astrazeneca, CVS Pharmacy, CountryMark Marketing, Bliss Artisan and Hawthorne's Animal Hospital. Additionally, these local businesses contributed greatly when our students and staff members worked with 14News to collect canned goods for the Tristate Food Bank. Not only did this event benefit the food bank, it brought the community together with a shared goal.

Another facet to our community is the strong network of local farmers. These farmers have been instrumental in developing our future agricultural leaders by working directly with The Future Farmers of America to share valuable knowledge and offer hands on opportunities. Local farmers such as Chris Kaufman with Kaufman Farms have invested a great deal of time speaking with MVHS students and educating them on the intricacies of the industry. Finally, a community isn't complete without its government leaders, and we are so fortunate to have leaders who are willing to work directly with our schools.

So as you can see, we do not enter this new decade in isolation, but as part of a growing and thriving community that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and creating new ones, supporting our learners and educators, and creating lasting bonds in this community we call home. #WeAreMV

Dr. Matt Thompson

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Positive School Culture and Climate
The Metropolitan School District of Mt. Vernon is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, positive, cooperative, pleasant, and challenging learning environment with high expectations for all students. Every school has its own home-school advisors, counselors, and nurses. Students in our district have access to a full array of services for special needs students, as well as programs for special needs students, as well as programs for coping with behavioral, social, academic, or other life stressors.

Technology-Infused Learning Environments
Driving the achievement, the MSDMV sits at the forefront of cutting-edge technology-based education. Technology is heavily integrated into the instructional process across all grade levels. State of the art hardware, infrastructure, applications, and software presented by tech-savvy teachers allows each student to have unique, real-world experiences that combine the use of technology with basic skills instruction. As a result, our students experience higher levels of engagement and academic achievement. Currently, our school district has a 1:1 technology initiative in place at MVJHS and MVHS, with plans to expand to all grade levels.

Responsive School-Community Relations
MSDMV is proud to have highly qualified, responsive teachers and results oriented administrators. The staff of MSDMV firmly believes two-way, open communication and maintaining positive parent-teacher-student relationships. Our district is focused on professional development and continued growth of all students and staff. Furthermore, the recognition of student and staff achievement is a priority in our schools. In addition to a strong social media presence on Facebook, MSDMV and its students and employees are committed to on-going community involvement.

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