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No more pencils, no more books.  No more teacher’s dirty looks.  For those of you who are familiar with 1970’s Rock and Roll, you’ll recognize those lyrics.  School is almost out for Summer.  

For students, the final days of school are often a whirlwind of emotions. There's a sense of accomplishment in completing another chapter of their educational journey, yet there's also a twinge of sadness as they bid farewell to friends, teachers, and familiar routines. The classroom, once a sanctuary of learning and laughter, now stands as a silent witness to the memories created over the past year.

For teachers, the end of the school year brings a mix of exhaustion and fulfillment. They've poured their hearts and souls into shaping young minds, guiding students through challenges, and inspiring them to reach for the stars. There's pride in seeing how much their students have grown in the last 10 months, but there's also a sense of melancholy in saying goodbye to a class they've grown to love. 

For Parents and Guardians; tag, you’re it.  Junior High aged students need you more now than ever before.  Encourage your student to get involved in all that the school and community has to offer over the summer.  Encourage them to pick up a book and read about something they are passionate about.  Encourage them to get outside and play.  My personal belief is that students this age need to play without using technology.  Set aside some time for you and your student to do something, anything together.  As a father of two boys who are 16 and 20, time goes by quickly, so don't take this summer break for granted.  

Whether we're students bidding adieu to familiar faces, teachers imparting their final lessons, or parents guiding the next steps, let's seize the summer ahead as a time for growth, connection, and making memories.

Marc Hostetter
Principal, MVJHS

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