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Kindergarten Roundup 2020-2021




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Look Ahead To February



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100th Day Of School

100th Day Of School

Farmersville just celebrated the 100th day of school!!


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Download the "BLOOMZ" app today, and stay on top of your child's education.  This app works with Apple and Android devices.  You may also use this program from a computer or laptop by visiting  You will need to get the class code from your child's teacher/teachers.  This program may be used for every class your child attends such as....homeroom, music, art, library etc. This program will feature classroom activities, pictures, behavior charts, and so much more!! Please join your child's classes today!!

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Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting the Farmersville Elementary Website! We appreciate your interest in our school and extend a friendly welcome to you! Farmersville is a small, rural community school, serving students in grades K – 5, including moderate special education students. We have two sections of classes at each grade level. Our teachers and support staff are excellent in knowledge, instruction, compassion, and dedication to helping children!
We believe:

  • Learning content, skills, and processes will enable our students to be successful in subsequent years of schooling and in life.
  • Engaging children in motivating, life-connected activities that are aligned with important learner goals is essential.
  • Promoting a school culture of trust, cooperation, respect, and recognizing the hard work of students and staff brings forth the best in all and encourages parent involvement. It also promotes our professional renewal, continuous growth, and attitude of "As good as we are, we can always get better."
We accept that we do not control all factors that affect the teaching/learning process. However, we do realize a strong influence on many of these factors. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to educate your child! We take that responsibility seriously and value your partnership.

Most sincerely,
Dr. Elizabeth Johns , Principal

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School is Open School is Open