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SEA 217 - Dyslexia

2020-2021 - Farmersville Elementary Characteristics of Dyslexia data:

  • 116 - students were administered the universal screener
  • 18 - students were determined to be "at-risk" or "at some risk" to have characteristics of dyslexia
  • <10 - Number of students who received the dyslexia intervention during the previous school year
    • Dyslexia Intervention programs: Progressing Monitoring, Response to Intervention, Roxie Reading, Iready, Aimsweb+, STAR Reading, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, Support from Remediation Teacher Assistant, District Psychologist Team
According to Senate Enrolled Act 217: Beginning the 2019-2020 school year ALL kindergarten through second-grade students will be given an Indiana Department of Education approved Universal Screener to assess for characteristics of dyslexia. The universal screener does not identify dyslexia, only the areas of weakness in phonological and phonemic awareness, sound-symbol recognition, alphabet knowledge, decoding skills, rapid naming skills, and encoding skills.

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