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MSDMV Virtual Classroom Option - August 2020

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MSDMV Virtual Learning Overview

Due to COVID-19, MSDMV will offer a virtual option for families. This online opportunity will be administered by MSDMV teachers for grades K - 5 through Google Classroom. Students in grades 6 - 12 will use APEX Learning, with MSDMV teachers and staff monitoring progress. Students with IEPs who utilize the virtual option will receive support based on their needs and IEPs.

While using the virtual option, MSDMV students will remain enrolled in their assigned school. Resident students who are new to MSDMV will enroll at the on-campus school of their residence. Non-resident students will enroll at the school designated for them by the MSDMV. Parents of non-resident students must complete Form AO-505 Non-Resident Student Transfer Application before enrolling. Once the application is approved, parents will be notified about how to enroll.

MSDMV Virtual Learning Details

While we strongly believe that on-campus learning is best, MSDMV has planned and prepared for a successful virtual learning experience for all students.  To learn more about the program click the title bar below to expand.

What Technology Device Is Provided?

All MSDMV students will be issued an electronic device.
  • iPads for grades K - 1
  • Chromebooks for grades 2 - 8
  • MacBooks for grades 9 - 12

Are there fees for the Virtual Classroom Option?

Rental costs and student fees will be charged to parents for all materials needed by the student, including the eLearning device and necessary textbooks.

Will the Virtual Classroom Option require Internet Access?

Students will need internet access to complete instruction. The district will provide free centralized access to students on their school devices in parking lots in various areas around the district.

What are the expectations of the Virtual Classroom Option? What about homework?

Grades K - 5 (Commit to at least one grading period-9 weeks)
  • Students must participate daily in Google Classroom instruction and assignments. All work will be submitted virtually. For K - 5 students, letter grades for the virtual option will follow the district grading guidelines. Gym, art, and music teachers will give assignments to elementary students through their virtual classroom portal.
Grades 6 - 12 (Commit to at least one semester)
  • Students will use APEX Learning and receive semester letter grades at the end of courses.

Is there an attendance policy for Virtual Classroom Students?

  • In compliance with Indiana Attendance Codes, attendance will be documented for students choosing the virtual option by monitoring course progress, student engagement, participation in instruction, student/teacher virtual interaction, system activity and login times, student logs, and completion of daily work and long-term projects. These factors will serve as evidence of student engagement and attendance for virtual learning.
  • Students will participate in ‘Google Meets’ with their virtual teacher.
  • Students will be expected to spend at least twenty hours weekly watching teacher-posted instruction, completing assignments and assessments, utilizing computer applications, and completing any additional activities from their teacher and/or APEX Learning.




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