Date:  Thursday, May 13th, Maroon Day

Lunch today:    egg omelette, French toast sticks, potato smiles, spiced apples, low fat milk

Breakfast tomorrow:     bacon scramble pizza, chilled fruit, fruit juice, low fat milk

Lunch tomorrow:     lasagne with meat sauce, romaine salad, grape tomatoes, chilled fruit, breadstick, low fat milk

Birthdays:  Malachi Spainhoward

Birthdays over break:   Emma Walker, Cooper Collins, Mr. Hostetter


Today we will be on an altered schedule for the musical.

Library books are due!!  Check your lockers! If you returned your library book, don’t forget to stop by the library and spin the wheel for a prize. 

The musical Willy Wonka Jr. will have performances this Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 3pm.  Tickets are $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for students or seniors.  Tickets may be bought online at

Next week we will have spirit week because it’s the last full week of school!  Posters are around the building with all the days listed.

There is summer athletic camp information on the table outside the main office.