Date: Monday, September 21st, White Day

Lunch: cheeseburger on bun, veggies and ranch, oven fries, chilled fruit, low fat milk

Breakfast tomorrow: sausage biscuit, chilled fruit, juice, low fat milk

Lunch tomorrow: egg omelette, French toast sticks, potato smiles, spiced apples, low fat milk

Birthdays today: Aubrey May, Mr. Kennedy

Please remember to bring a mask and a water bottle to school every day!

Fundraiser money is due tomorrow. Please bring it to the office.

Volleyball teams will play tonight at home against Washington. Start time is 5:30pm and good luck!

Results from the Cross Country meet last Saturday:

Carter Zieren - 2nd place

Emerson Walker - 6th place

Brynn Davis - 8th place

Valarie Thompson - 9th place

Open Race:

Jaylan York came in first place! Lacey Allyn was also in the top 15.

The girls team finished in third place out of 8 teams.