The MSD of Mt. Vernon scholarships listed below are due Monday, March 30.  Students will be able to enter the school on Monday, March 30, from 8:00 to 11:00 am to turn in completed applications.
  • Anne E Bolger Scholarship
  • Bostick-Steinmetz Scholarship
  • Edward A Pence Scholarship
  • Gallucci-Steinmetz Scholarship
  • Thomas L., Myrtle R., Arch, and Elva Alexander Scholarship
  • Tri-Kappa Medical Scholarship
There will be a box for student scholarships immediately inside Door #1 at the high school.  If your scholarships are not in an envelope, there are envelopes you can use. Make sure your name is  written on the envelope.  
Please be sure to email Mrs. McCloud ( a list of scholarships that you are submitting.  If teachers or other individuals have emailed recommendation letters to Mrs. McCloud, please email Mrs. McCloud to let her know which scholarships the letters go with.