Date:  Monday, November 1st, White Day                                     

Lunch: chicken filet on bun, mashed potatoes, green beans, red applesauce, low fat milk

Breakfast tomorrow: chicken biscuit, mixed fruit, juice, low fat milk

Lunch tomorrow: pulled pork bbq or rib-be-que on bun, baked beans, diced pears, low fat milk

Birthdays today: Saint Henderson, Amarsia Perkins, Luke Weintraut



The lost and found table is full of items from locker rooms and leftover from football &

Volley ball season. Please claim what is yours by next week or it will be donated.

If you leave items on the floor in the locker rooms, it will be put on the lost and found table the next day.   Please remember to lock all your items away with the lock you were provided for gym or swim class.

How does an Australian pay for a chess set?  With a check, mate.  Don't forget about chess club starting on Monday, November 8 (New start date!) after school until 4:30.  Meet in Mrs. Campbell's classroom and be sure you have a ride home!

6th grade tryouts for girls will be Tuesday and Thursday from 4:45-6:30pm. You must attend both days. Enter at Bobcat Alley. You must have a physical on file to tryout. You can tryout even if you did not sign up.

Remember, here at MVJHS, we want to be better today than we were yesterday, but not as good as we will be tomorrow!  Have a great day, Bobcats!  We are . . . MV!