Seniors perform at Graduation!

Seniors perform
at Graduation!

Since their Freshman year, these Senior vocalists have
performed a variety of pieces together.


Welcome Back!!!

I want to welcome everyone to the 2017-18 school year. It has been a very busy summer, and we have completed the construction at the high school. To make it safer for our students and more convenient for our community members, we have moved our athletic offices to the main entrance at the high school. We are excited about the change and hope everyone takes advantage of the easier access to the offices.

All of our schools are now open, and we welcome anyone to come into our schools and get information. If you have a child to register, please contact the school office, and someone will lead you through the process. The first day for students is Thursday, August 10th.

I want to thank all the community businesses for all of their help in offering their time, talents, and donations to our school district. Please let me know how things are going, and if there are any comments or concerns or suggestions on how we can better serve our students in Mount Vernon, give me a call or e-mail me at anytime.

Dr. Tom Kopatich

New MV Crest

  • Positive School Culture and Climate

    Positive School Culture and Climate

    The Metropolitan School District of Mt. Vernon is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, positive, cooperative, pleasant, and challenging learning environment with high expectations for all students. Every school has its own home-school advisors, counselors, and nurses. Students in our district have access to a full array of services for special needs students, as well as programs for special needs students, as well as programs for coping with behavioral, social, academic, or other life stressors.

  • Technology-Infused Learning Environments

    Technology-Infused Learning Environments

    Driving the achievement, the MSDMV sits at the forefront of cutting-edge technology-based education. Technology is heavily integrated into the instructional process across all grade levels. State of the art hardware, infrastructure, applications, and software presented by tech-savvy teachers allows each student to have unique, real-world experiences that combine the use of technology with basic skills instruction. As a result, our students experience higher levels of engagement and academic achievement. Currently, our school district has a 1:1 technology initiative in place at MVJHS and MVHS, with plans to expand to all grade levels.

  • Responsive School-Community Relations

    Responsive School-Community Relations

    MSDMV is proud to have highly qualified, responsive teachers and results oriented administrators. The staff of MSDMV firmly believes two-way, open communication and maintaining positive parent-teacher-student relationships. Our district is focused on professional development and continued growth of all students and staff. Furthermore, the recognition of student and staff achievement is a priority in our schools. In addition to a strong social media presence on Facebook, MSDMV and its students and employees are committed to on-going community involvement.

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